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Container Specifications rkn 컨테이너
RKN Container (LD3 with temperature control)
MYX BOX (Small container with temperature control)
External Size (L/W/H) 61.5 x 60.4 x 64 inch 55 x 39 x 30 inch
Internal Volume 109 cuft 13 cuft
Minimum Payload 1,588 kg 400 kg
Minimum Chargeable Wt 755 kg 200 kg
Temp control range -20℃ ~ +15℃ -20℃ ~ +15℃
  • Forklift can be used
  • Temperature control is only available for dropping temperature below, not above, external temperature.
Items Requiring This Service
  • New value medicine and medical supplies.
  • Human blood or organ transplants.
  • Temperature-sensitive food.
  • Manufactured equipment that requires delicate temperature conditions
Container Performance
  • Temperature control is possible in the range between -20℃ and +15℃
  • With a one-time setting, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature for up to 48 hours and with replenishment of battery and dry ice, delivery to destination at a constant temperature is also possible.
See Thermostat below